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System-Wide Plan

Draft Network Plan Now Available for Public Comment

What is the MVTA – SouthWest Transit System-wide Plan?

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) and SouthWest Transit (SWT) are completing a systemwide study for the five years including 2022 through 2026. The purpose of the MVTA/SWT Systemwide Study is to provide a comprehensive review of current services operated by MVTA and SWT, to examine unmet needs, and to identify opportunities for additional routes or services that retain and capture new transit riders.

What has happened so far?

During the summer of 2021, the study team released two preliminary scenarios of what future transit in MVTA and SWT’s service areas could look like and solicited your feedback on them.

What’s happening now?

We used your feedback on the preliminary scenarios to help develop a draft final network of proposed changes. The draft final network is available for your review and comments will be accepted through April 15, 2022.  

Some of the improvements to bus service include:

  • Changes to frequency—how often a bus arrives at any given stop
  • Hours of service—the hours during the day that a bus route provides service
  • Route realignments—making changes to where a bus route goes, such as the overall length of the route and which bus stops it serves

What can I do?

We have numerous ways you can learn about the draft final network and share your opinions before we finalize the plan.

  • Maps. Scroll down to the Maps section to view regional maps of what the draft final network would look like in your area.
  • Video. Click here or scroll down to the Video section below to see us walk through the proposed changes that are part of the draft final network.
  • Interactive trip comparison tool. Click here or scroll down to use our interactive trip comparison tool. With this tool, you can enter an origin and destination anywhere in the region and see a comparison of what your trip would be using the current system and using the draft future network. You can see travel times, number of transfers, and get a general sense of how the draft future network would impact your daily travel.
    • For instructions on how to use the tool, click here.
  • Survey. Click here or scroll down to the survey below to share your feedback on the draft final network. The survey will close on April 15, 2022.



Interactive trip comparison tool




Improve the transit experience of traditionally underrepresented and transit dependent populations, local businesses and organizations, and the general public to guide the project process.


Understand transit uses, needs, and gaps in the existing MVTA and SWT systems and identify areas with potential for future transit services.


Recognize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on transit system use and perceptions and develop plans for new
travel patterns.

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